Gangilonga Rock

Stone that speaks

Gangilonga Rock is a massive granite sticking out in Tanzania’s Iringa Region, around 5 km from Iringa town. The name “Gangiloga” is derived from the Hehe words ligangalyelilonga, where liganga means “the stone” and lilonga means “which speaks”, hence the rock being dubbed as the stone that speaks. Originally, this rock was used by the Hehe as a place of worship for their gods and ancestors. It was also a place of meetings for the chiefs who ruled over their societies at the time.

Another aspect that makes Gangilonga Rock a monument in Iringa is that during his guerilla resistance years 1894-98, Chief Mkwawa used Gangilonga Rock as a vantage point to monitor the Germans’ movements and operations in Iringa Town. Mkwawa’s scouts imitated bird calls to relay important information from one post to the next over long distances. This is another instance that made the Hehe people think Gangilonga was a talking stone because of how their sounds resonated around the rock from one point to another.

Currently, the rock is used as a tourist attraction with a very simple hike (everyone can actually do it without requiring preparation) providing you with a town view of Iringa

  • Interesting facts about the Gangilonga Rock

    • Chief Mkwawa used Gangilonga as a strategic stronghold during his rebellion against the Germans.
    • The name Gangiloga is derived from the Hehe words ligangalyelilonga, where liganga means "the stone" and lilonga means "which speaks", hence the rock being dubbed as the stone that speaks
    • The history of the name is however contested between being a place of worship and speaking with ancestors and Chief Mkwawa's strategic point is his rebellion against the Germans where the scouts could communicate about German movements using their own special language
    • The rock is a symbol of Hehe's resilience and strength
  • Getting to Gangilonga Rock

    Gangilonga Rock is found a few kilometers from Iringa town. The place can be easily accessible by car, on foot or even using a motorcycle. The rock is a popular location for travelers interested in both natural beauty and the historical background it reflects. Iringa can be reached by road from any region in Tanzania or you may need to use a chartered flight to get there

  • Region
  • Address
    Gangilonga, Iringa Municipal
  • Opening Hours
    0830hrs - 1630hrs
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  • Best time to visit
    Throughout the year
  • To-do activities
    Hiking, viewpoint and learning about the monument
  • Accommodation
    Available at the hotels around Iringa
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