Iringa Boma

A symbol of resilience


Region: Iringa

Category: Monument

To-do activities:

Take a museum tour and learn the local's culture

Best time to visit:

Throughout the year. 


Available at the nearest places around Iringa municipal

About Iringa Boma

Located in the heart of Iringa, Tanzania, the Iringa Boma is a historic building that has played a significant role in the region's history. Built around 1900 by the German colonial regime as a military hospital, it later became the regional administrative center for the British after the First World War. From Tanzania's independence in 1961 until 2014, it served as a regional and district administration office, providing civil services to the community. After undergoing two years of fundamental historical restoration, the Iringa Boma re-opened in 2016 as a regional museum and cultural center. It is one of the oldest remaining buildings in Iringa.

The building is a stunning example of German colonial architecture, blending African, Swahili, and European styles. From German roof tiles to Swahili arches, this structure is a true melting pot of design elements. The walls themselves are made of natural stone and loam, a mixture of water, clay, and sand. You can even see the original materials used for construction on one of the walls. Over time, cement and plaster were added to reinforce the structure and create a smooth interior finish. It's a fascinating example of how different cultures and building techniques can come together to create something truly special.

The museum at Iringa Boma offers visitors a glimpse into the region's rich history and culture. With exhibits on the different ethnic groups in the area, their traditional ways of life, and the colonial and post-colonial eras, you can learn about the diverse heritage of the region. The museum also boasts a collection of artifacts from the area, including traditional clothing, tools, and weapons.

While Iringa Boma's history may have started as a symbol of colonial rule, it has transformed into a symbol of resilience and cultural pride. It stands as a reminder of the strength and endurance of the Tanzanian people who have overcome colonialism and worked to shape their own destiny.

Interesting facts about Iringa Boma

  • It was first built by the Germans around 1900, making it one of the oldest buildings in Iringa

  • Originally, the word Boma referred to fortification but over time the word became associated with colonial buildings

  • The Boma can now be used for cultural and social events

Journey to Iringa Boma

The Iringa Boma is found at the heart of Iringa town. When you are in Iringa, you may just take a walk to the Boma, and with the cold weather of Iringa, you are most likely not going to sweat even a little bit. If you are journeying from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's business capital, Iringa is about 600km away. The journey by road takes about 7-8 hours, passing through various beautiful sceneries such as the Mikumi National Park, Kitonga and the Ruaha meanders. After you visit the Boma you may also visit other monuments like the Gangilonga Rock and other monuments as shown on the images at the beginning of the page. 

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