• How do you fund your trips?

    I'm employed, and I freelance whenever I get a gig. That way, my trips are mostly funded from what I earn through my salary or side gigs

  • Where do you get the time to travel?

    Fun fact: I started traveling seriously after my first 8-5 job. I make use of my weekends, long weekends and holidays. Also, to make sure I make the most of my time while traveling, I only capture moments when traveling then share later. 

  • How can I travel with DaniWanders?

    Well, currently it's very easy to travel with me. You just need to have the passion to travel, someone we can rhyme (talk, laugh, not boring, etc.) with, and most importantly be ready to share some of the costs while we travel. 

  • How do you choose your destination?

    Honestly, I don't even know. Sometimes I just feel the urge to go somewhere I have never been. This can be influenced by what I have seen from pictures online, or from my reading about interesting things to do in. Tanzania or specific regions

  • Do you only travel locally?

    No, I've been to several countries abroad - Africa, Asia and Europe. But I have just decided to use this web to share more about Tanzania and the various beautiful sceneries whose information is not much available. on the internet. Someday, I'll share about my experience in other countries as well.

  • Why road trips?

    Though time consuming, road trips give me the room to enjoy the journey more than being obsessed with just the destination. I get to learn and experience things, places, and people more than through other means

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