Lake Duluti

Crater lake in Arusha


Region: Arusha

Category: Crater lake

To-do activities:

Kayaking, trailing, bird watching and camping

Best time to visit:

Throughout the year. 


Lake Duluti lodge and countless accommodations around Arusha

About Lake Duluti

Around 20 kilometers east of the city of Arusha in northern Tanzania sits the gorgeous crater lake known as Lake Duluti. It is one of the area's most stunning and tranquil natural attractions, and both visitors and locals enjoy visiting it. The lake is situated in the subsidiary vents of Mount Meru and receives its water from rainfall and subsurface water that seeps into the lake.

The lake is surrounded by mountains and beautiful green trees, giving it a very idyllic ambiance. Although the exact depth of Lake Duluti Arusha is unknown, it is only thought to be around 700 meters deep, 600 meters broad, and around one kilometer long. The lake's waters are incredibly pure and are home to many different kinds of fish. Boating, fishing, bird watching, and woodland hiking are among the activities available to lake visitors.

Travelers can witness a variety of creatures while on a walking safari around Lake Duluti's perimeter, where a dense rainforest grows right up to the lake's border. Since Lake Duluti is a crater lake, it is encircled by steep slopes with rocky outcrops that can reach a height of 30 meters.

Interesting facts about Mikindani

  • There are viewpoints for Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro where, subject to the weather and cloud, the two mountains can be seen from the lake.

  • The name Duluti has its origin from the Meru tribe, who are also indigenous in the area.

  • Lake Duluti is situated inside a volcanic crater and gets water throughout the year, primarily from groundwater and seasonal rainfall.

  • Has more than 130 distinct species of waterbirds that have been observed there.

Journey to Lake Duluti

One of the best places to stop off when in Arusha is Lake Duluti. Travelers who arrive but are unable to move to the parks the same day may choose to take a diversion to, for instance, Lake Duluti and will be rewarded with incredible Lake Duluti canoeing experiences, among other things.

The distance between Lake Duluti and Arusha, the main hub of tourism in Tanzania's northern safari region, is only around 20 minutes by car. The Arusha-Moshi highway's turn south of Tengeru is the ideal route to use to reach Lake Duluti; the distance from the turn to the lake is only about one kilometer. Even if you use public transportation, you won't get lost because there is so much signage pointing the way to Lake Duluti. You may also decide to walk as you stretch ready for the hike around the lake

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