Useful apps for traveling Tanzania

Planning and pulling off a trip can be exhausting sometimes. It can be even harder when you don't have the necessary tools to help. Luckily, we are living in an era where technology is the order of the day, and the world revolves around our mobile phones. This article lists some of the most useful apps to have when traveling locally in Tanzania 

Google Maps or

Google Maps is the king of mobile navigation in Tanzania. This does not downplay Apple Maps or other apps, but for great navigation just use Google. However, as generous as Tanzanians are, it's usually important to at least wave to them, especially when driving on the streets and you are not sure about the map. You may also ask to confirm if Google Map's suggested route is accurate is also good for navigation and you can easily download offline maps, which can come in handy in remote areas with limited or no access to internet

Airbnb and/or

We all know what Airbnb is. Yes, it's also available in Tanzania and may come in handy when you are on a fixed budget for accommodation or wants a special kind of setup for your trip. also provides you with the same services as Airbnb but it's mostly for hotels and they have great deals, sometimes the prices are cheaper than when you decide to walk in yourself to the hotel front desk.  


I love hearing unscripted feedback from people who have been there. I want to hear the stories and experiences from the perspective of fellow travelers who have been there. I would like to hear their suggestions on what I can do and what I can realistically expect. This is why you need Tripadvisor. It may also help you to easily get recommended tour guides and even plan your itinerary based on other people's experiences

Currency converter (XE)

Tanzania uses the Shillings (TZS) as her currency. Apart from some shops at the airport, almost everywhere else cash payments are made using TZS. A currency converter app helps you to be sure that you are not charged a premier for basic items by comparing the prices to your respective currency. 

Bolt and/or Uber

There is a common saying in Tanzania that says kuku mgeni hagosi kamba mguuni (A new chicken always has a rope to its feet). The saying literally means that when you are new somewhere you’ll just be easily spotted. This may cost you extra when it comes to public transport. Taxis or bodaboda  may charge you even threefold because you do not know the place. Uber/Bolt may be your best shot to avoid bargaining the prices and avoid getting scammed

NB: The services are not available in all regions yet in the country

Sky scanner

Useful for finding cheap flight deals (especially when flying out of the country). Like most other apps mentioned, you may use the web version or the app. You need to be specific on your destinations and the dates (like obvious flight. booking) to get the best out of the app